Design and Standards

The MDM/R is integrated with several different Smart Meter technologies that have unique specifications. Design, specification and standard documentation provides information about user interfaces and specifications that govern the MDM/R and how it processes Smart Meter data into the Billing Quantities required by Local Distribution Companies (LDCs). The documents include technical interface specifications that detail how systems interface with the MDM/R.


The following documents are available to LDCs and their authorized agents via the MDM/R Service Desk Tool:


  • EipReadsForBillingInterface
  • MDM/R Business Process Description
  • MDM/R Detailed Design
  • MDM/R Functional Specifications
  • MDM/R Reports Technical Specifications
  • MDM/R Service and Performance Levels Specifications
  • MDM/R Technical Interface Specifications
  • Validation, Estimation and Editing Standard for the Ontario Smart Metering System
  • VEE Class Load Profile


If you are not associated with an LDC and require one of the documents, please contact us.