Incident and Problem Management

The Incident and Problem Management Manual outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Smart Metering Entity (SME) and local distribution companies (LDCs) or MDM/R service recipients who are using the Meter Data Management and Repository (MDM/R). The MDM/R is tested regularly to ensure it performs reliably and meets established data processing performance levels. Like any processing system, the MDM/R is susceptible to software defects – particularly when new upgrades are first deployed.

MDM/R support is provided through the MDM/R Service Desk Tool. All incidents including critical incidents requiring immediate support are reported through the tool by authorized users.


Incident Management
The SME aims to address MDM/R system incidents in a timely and efficient manner and follow the process outlined in the MDM/R Incident and Problem Management Manual:

  • An MDM/R service recipient, the SME or MDM/R Operational Service Provider (OSP) identifies an incident and reports the incident through the MDM/R Service Desk Tool.
  • The incident is classified into one of four severity levels based on the impact and urgency criteria reported by the incident creator.
  • The SME Service Desk or the SME Critical Incident Managers, depending on the severity of the incident, are notified when the incident is submitted.
  • As work progresses, the MDM/R Service Desk Tool sends notifications to the LDC contact identified in the incident ticket. If no specific contact is identified, notifications are sent to all LDC Service Desk users.
  • Teams work to resolve incidents or an interim workaround is applied.
  • The incident is closed when a resolution has been found.

Problem Management
Problems will be logged in the MDM/R Service Desk Tool when an incident is resolved using a workaround. MDM/R service recipients may view the list of Problems and indicate their wish to be notified when a specific Problem is updated.


Service Requests
Service Requests can be submitted through the MDM/R Service Desk Tool for standard services that are provided under agreed timing guidelines. The current Service Requests and their service level agreement (SLA) are:

  • Crossed Meter Data Change
  • MDM/R GUI Password Reset
  • MDM/R GUI User Deactivation
  • Push Synchronization
  • Service Desk User Creation
  • Service Desk User Deactivation
  • Submit a Question
  • Synchronization Sequence Reset
  • Test Environment Refresh & Synchronization Sequence Reset (Optional)
  • Enable Test Environment
  • Disable Test Environment
  • ORG Configuration Update