Ontario Energy Board Notice of Application and Proceeding on Smart Metering Charge

May 24, 2012
The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has issued a Notice of Application in response to the IESO’s application, in its capacity as the Smart Metering Entity, for a Smart Metering Charge (SMC) of $0.806 per Residential and General Service <50kW Customer per month. The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has also issued a Notice of Proceeding to determine the appropriate allocation and recovery of the SMC. The OEB is combining the two proceedings.


Those wishing to participate may do so in the following ways:


  • Send a letter with comments to the OEB;
  • Become an observer; or
  • Become an intervenor.


Please note that interested parties must adhere to the timelines prescribed by the OEB and outlined in the Notices found below.


To access the OEB Notices online, please visit:


In English:

Notice of Application by the Smart Metering Entity for Approval of a Smart Metering Charge (EB-2012-0100)

Notice of Proceeding to Determine the Appropriate Recovery and Allocation of the Smart Metering Charge (EB-2012-0211)


En français:

Avis de requête de l’entité responsible des compteurs intelligents pour l’approbation des coûts liés aux compteurs intelligents (EB-2012-0100)

Avis d’instance afin de déterminer le mécanisme de repartition et de recouvrement approprié des coûts liés aux compteurs intelligents (EB-2012-0211)