Privacy by Design within Ontario’s Smart Meter Entity

May 7, 2012 | Smart Meter & TOU


The Information and Privacy Commissioner’s office and the IESO jointly released a paper this week describing the IESO’s commitment to developing controls that explicitly deal with the privacy and security of smart meter data. In building and operating the Meter Data Management and Repository (MDM/R) the IESO as the Smart Metering Entity is following Commissioner Ann Cavoukian’s Privacy by Design principles.


Privacy by Design is a framework that sets out how privacy should be embedded into the design of systems at the outset. It is based on a “Trilogy of Applications”:  IT systems, accountable business practices and networked infrastructure that has guided numerous organizations in Ontario.


“Privacy is a fundamental right of every electricity consumer. We were grateful to work with the Commissioner’s office to ensure privacy was embedded into the operation of the Smart Metering Entity from the ground up,” said Przemek Tomczak, Director of Smart Metering.  “Consumers and their local utilities can have confidence in the measures we’ve taken to protect smart meter data.”


The paper is entitled: Building Privacy into Ontario’s Smart Meter Data Management System: A Control Framework.


As of March 2012, 4.7 million smart meters have been installed across the province, and 70 LDCs and 4.36 million meters were enrolled with the MDM/R.