Sample Reports and Files

Samples of interface files and of the reports provided to LDCs from the MDM/R are provided to aid in the design of systems that send files to the MDM/R and receive files from the MDM/R. The sample files should be used in association with the MDM/R Technical Interface Specifications. The sample reports are described in the MDM/R Reports Technical Specifications referenced on the Design and Standards page.


Documents in the following categories are available to LDCs and their authorized agents via the MDM/R Service Desk Tool. If you are not an LDC and need access to MDM/R documentation, please contact us.




  • Universal SDP ID Assignment Request and Response Interfaces
  • Periodic Audit Synchronization Interfaces
  • Incremental Synchronization Interfaces
  • Meter Read Interfaces by AMCC Type
  • Billing Quantity Request and Reply Interfaces
  • Web Services Interface
  • Crossed Meter Data Change Files


  • Interface Reports
  • Data Collection Reports
  • VEE Processing Reports
  • Billing Reports