Annual Training Schedule

Managing the smart metering system involves local distribution company (LDC) staff from across company business areas and departments, as well as their agents and partners. The IESO provides comprehensive training and educational support to these groups. The workshops offered have evolved based on the topics that are most relevant to LDCs.


During the autumn of 2012, workshops were provided to help LDCs understand the responsibilities of the SME and LDCs with the day-to-day operations of the MDM/R. Those presentations are provided on the Workshop Presentations page.


Hands-on training using the MDM/R Graphical User Interface (GUI) has supported the integration of LDCs into the MDM/R and continues to the present time. An Advanced MDM/R GUI workshop is provided to help LDCs and their authorized agents understand how the MDM/R processes smart meter data to provide them with Billing Quantities.


Workshops and training sessions are held as scheduled to support LDCs in their daily operations with the MDM/R. LDC representatives are encouraged to attend the workshops.


Workshop registration is now done via the MDM/R Service Desk tool.  For more information please refer to the LDC - Workshop Registration Management Guide* in the knowledgebase. There are no fees for the sessions but we request that participants register at least two weeks in advance.


* MDM/R Service Desk tool login required.