Workshop Calendar

Basic MDM/R GUI WorkshopOttawa, September 9 | Mississauga, December 7

Participants are introduced to the basic functionality of the MDM/R GUI.
This one-day workshop provides an introduction to the MDM/R and hands on training on how to use the MDM/R Graphical User Interface (GUI).  In this course participants will learn how to:

  • Create and execute queries
  • Navigate through various screens
  • Customize screens
  • View master data synchronized with a Service Delivery Point
  • View and edit Meter Read data
  • Search for reports available on the GUI


Advanced MDM/R GUI WorkshopOttawa, September 10 | Mississauga, December 8

The one-day Advanced MDM/R GUI Workshop is an interactive session that will explore many of the nuances of the MDM/R processing.


The session will include discussions, case studies and exercises covering a variety of scenarios including:

  • Synchronization of meters, framing and VEE Services
  • Submission of Meter Read data triggering estimation and post processing
  • Billing Quantity Requests resulting in the delivery of billing quantities and in exceptions


Pre-requisite: Participants must have a working knowledge of MDM/R GUI processes and navigation.

Service Desk tool EnhancementsWebinar, September 10 | Webinar, September 11

This webinar training session will review a number of new enhancements that will be added to the Service Desk tool.


The session will also provide an overview regarding Archived MDM/R Meter Read Data and the impacts to billing processing. For more information please see RFC0020286 Data Archiving - Data and File Archiving, and RFC0020415 Data Archiving - Impacts to Billing Processes.


The table below outlines the new features in the Service Desk tool that will be reviewed in the training session.


Enhancement                       Description                      
Full Access User - MDM/R GUI User Request Security Authorization

To provide an additional layer of security for access to the MDM/R GUI, Full Access Users will now be required to answer a security question when a new MDM/R GUI user is requested via SME_FORM_0013 Add New MDM/R GUI User online through the Service Desk tool. A security question will also be required  when a signatory authorization is needed for a Add New MDM/R GUI User request submitted by a non-Full Access User via a Service Desk ticket. Full Access users will have the ability to select their security question and answer in the Service Desk tool starting September 8, 2015. The new security enhancement is anticipated to be in the Service Desk tool by October 14, 2015, allowing Full Access users approximately one month to create and update their security question and answer before the measure is put in place.





FTS and Web Services Certificate Renewal and FTS Checklist

An online form will be available to LDCs in the Service Desk tool to request WS/FTS certificate renewals for their own ORG. FTS Certificate Renewal request will also include the new FTS checklist, which will also be available as a button if the certificate renewal ticket was initiated by the IESO. The FTS Checklist will assist the LDC and OSP to prepare for the connectivity test conference call.






The paper version of SME_FORM_0006 will be split into three new Service Desk requests that will appear on your homepage:

  • Edit LDC Agent Relationships
  • Edit Authorization to Receive MDM/R Reports
  • Edit Authorization to Send/Receive FTS Files




FTS Configuration (Previously SME_FORM_0014)

An electronic form will be available to LDCs in the Service Desk tool to update their AS2 URL, port number, and/or AS2 software information without the need to submit paper form SME_FORM_0014. The new request also contains the new FTS checklist, which will assist the LDC and OSP prepare for the connectivity test conference call.




Company Module

A new company module will be provided in the Service Desk tool for LDCs to view their Company Profile and their MDM/R Configurations in each of the LDC facing MDM/R environments. The company profile will present information related to the LDC’s company, which includes the LDC’s name,  MDM/R ORG ID,  address, MDM/R Agents (AMI, Billing, AS2, Web Services) , and their associated SME Service Desk analyst. The new MDM/R configuration modules will provide LDC’s access to view their current MDM/R configurations in the LDC facing environments, which includes their Interface File Authorizations for the LDC and their Agents, Report Authorizations for the LDC and their Agents, AS2 Configuration for the LDC, and Web Services Configuration for the LDC.