Workshop Calendar

Basic MDM/R GUI WorkshopMississauga, June 2 | Mississauga, September 9 | Mississauga, December 7

Participants are introduced to the basic functionality of the MDM/R GUI.
This one-day workshop provides an introduction to the MDM/R and hands on training on how to use the MDM/R Graphical User Interface (GUI).  In this course participants will learn how to:

  • Create and execute queries
  • Navigate through various screens
  • Customize screens
  • View master data synchronized with a Service Delivery Point
  • View and edit Meter Read data
  • Search for reports available on the GUI

This is a one-day workshop held at the IESO’s offices from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and is open to all MDM/R Service Recipients.

Advanced MDM/R GUI WorkshopMississauga, June 3 | Mississauga, September 10 | Mississauga, December 8

The one-day Advanced MDM/R GUI Workshop is an interactive session that will explore many of the nuances of the MDM/R processing; many of them covering the changes included in EnergyIP R7.2.


The session will include discussions, case studies and exercises covering a variety of scenarios including:

  • Synchronization of meters, framing and VEE Services
  • Submission of Meter Read data triggering estimation and post processing
  • Billing Quantity Requests resulting in the delivery of billing quantities and in exceptions


Pre-requisite: Participants must have a working knowledge of MDM/R GUI processes and navigation.
This is a one-day workshop held at the IESO’s offices from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and is open to all MDM/R Service Recipients.

Approving SME_FORM_0004 and SME_FORM_0013 OnlineWebinar, April 28 | Webinar, May 1 | Webinar, May 4

This webinar is open to LDC representatives who are Full Access Users, Main Contacts with Service Desk tool access or an Officer of the Company and Incumbency with Service Desk tool access. The session will provide a demonstration of the Full Access User’s review and authorization of requests submitted by other users within your organization for online forms, SME_FORM_0004 (MDM/R Organization Contacts form) and SME_FORM_0013 ( MDM/R GUI User Access Request form ). 


Each session has limited webinar sign on capabilities. Participants are encouraged to participate as a group.


You can register for a session by emailing at least one week prior to the session.


Please note that there is limited access to each WebEx session, so please indicate your first and second choice and participate as a group if possible. An additional session may be added if required.