Workshop Calendar

Basic MDM/R GUI WorkshopMississauga, December 7

Participants are introduced to the basic functionality of the MDM/R GUI.
This one-day workshop provides an introduction to the MDM/R and hands on training on how to use the MDM/R Graphical User Interface (GUI).  In this course participants will learn how to:

  • Create and execute queries
  • Navigate through various screens
  • Customize screens
  • View master data synchronized with a Service Delivery Point
  • View and edit Meter Read data
  • Search for reports available on the GUI


Advanced MDM/R GUI WorkshopMississauga, December 8

The one-day Advanced MDM/R GUI Workshop is an interactive session that will explore many of the nuances of the MDM/R processing.


The session will include discussions, case studies and exercises covering a variety of scenarios including:

  • Synchronization of meters, framing and VEE Services
  • Submission of Meter Read data triggering estimation and post processing
  • Billing Quantity Requests resulting in the delivery of billing quantities and in exceptions


Pre-requisite: Participants must have a working knowledge of MDM/R GUI processes and navigation.

Annual Audit of the MDM/R Controls (CSAE3416) - WebinarWebinar, October 15 | Webinar, October 22

The webinar will highlight the following:

    • the purpose of the MDM/R audit;

    • the internal control procedures that are in place to address the MDM/R operations;

    • the standard used by external auditors to audit the MDM/R internal control procedures; and

    • the LDC and their Authorized Agent responsibility in ensuring controls are in place to complement the MDM/R internal control procedures.